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The Isaac Stern Society

Isaac SternThe Isaac Stern Society bears the name of the renowned violinist who is intrinsically linked to Carnegie Hall among music lovers everywhere. Isaac Stern led the effort to save Carnegie Hall from demolition in 1960 and served as its president for more than 40 years. Reflecting Mr. Stern's visionary spirit, The Isaac Stern Society acknowledges the generous friends who recognize the importance of Carnegie Hall to future generations by including it in their long-range financial plans. Benefits of being a Society member include an invitation to our annual members' event each spring and the listing of your name among members of the Society in our Annual Report and in Playbill, which is distributed at every concert at Carnegie Hall. For more information, please contact Susan J. Brady at 212-903-9624 or

The Isaac Stern Society of Carnegie Hall

Dr. Joan Taub Ades
Mrs. Robert Allen
James and Cecilia Alsina
Paul and Helen Anbinder
William Arnold and Stephanie Wargo
Emanuel Ax and Yoko Nozaki
Andrea Axelrod
Cole Ramsay Bader
Arlette Levy Baker
Kathleen Beakley
Dr. Kurt Becker and Joyce Weinstein
Davi Bernstein
Kim D. Bleimann
Jane S. Block
Helene Brenner, in memory of Burton Yale Pines
John Brewer
Jane Brier
Sarita and Alex Broden
James A. Brophy Jr.
Eliane Bukantz
Marjorie R. Bukzin
Rochelle Busch
Marlene Butler-Levine
Elizabeth Carr
Georgia Carrington
Nora Carrol
Carol Casey
Richard B. Casper
Constance Castor
The Reverend Chawanda Charae
Kenneth H. Chase, in honor of Gladys Lorraine Cohen Seaman
Lynne Cherry
Vivien Ranschburg Clark
John D. Claypoole
Steve Coffey and George Stirling
Charles Edward Cole
Karen E. La Conti
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Debs
S. David Deitcher
Steve and Connie Delehanty
Kenneth Dinin
David Dorfman
Diane C. Dunne
Dr. Peter Ensberg
Stanley Epstein
Anne Eskridge
Dr. Romana R. Farrington
Doucet and Stephen Fischer
Gino Francesconi
Mary Ann Frenzel
Fredrick and Ruth Freud
Elliot M. Friedman
Sheilah Purcell Garcia
Ellen Berland Gibbs
Louis Ginsberg
Dr. and Mrs. Ciril J. Godec
Charles and Jane Goldman
Dalia Carmel Goldstein
Dr. John A Greco
Adele Mary Grossman
Leda Hanson
Jacquelyn C. Harvey
Dr. Gerhard Hess
Julie Holtzman
Mr. W.E.H. Hutchison-Hall IV
Beverly S. Jacobs
Karin Jacobs
Dr. Bruce R. Javors and Ms. Susan H. Cronenberg-Javors
William Josephson
Theodore D. Karchuta
Dr. Robert A. Kavesh
Madeline Kerns
John H. Kilbourne
Lisa C. Kolinsky
Dr. Jamie Koufman
Steven Lane
Robert E. Lee, III
Linda Leven
Howard K. Lipan
A. Michael and Ruth C. Lipper
Catherine Lomuscio
Eileen Lubars
Thomas G. Maheras
William M. and Jacqueline Marks
Leon C. Martel
Charles F. McCown
Gary McKay
Christine McKeon
Robert A. Meister
Phyllis Melhado
Claire Meyer
Michelle G. Miles
Andrew Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Molloy
Joan Morris
Dena Simone Moss
Dr. Teresa Mular
Sarah L. Nolin
Dr. Danielle Nyman
Antonia Pew
William Raff
William R. Reader, in memory of Lester Bowman and Albert Bruce Connor
David L. Rhody
Susan W. Rose
Jay and Gladys Rosenthal
Carol and Daniel Ruffo
Ralph N. Sansbury
Karin C. Schiavone
Patrick J. Schiavone
Sue A. Schiller
Steven Schmidt
Hynda Schneiweiss
Alice Schwartz
Myrna Schore
Carol Shedlin
Beverly and Arthur Shorin
Mr. and Mrs. A.J.C. Smith
Edwin and Ruby Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Som
Milton Sonday
Edward P. Speiran
Amy R. Sperling
Barbara Spiridon
Donald Spoto
Charlotte Van Horne Squarcy JD
Joseph A. Stern
Jan Stuart
Kenneth Sugarman
Joseph M. Sweeney
Dr. Stewart Taubkin
Barbara Tomchin
Dr. Jeffrey H. Toney
Donna Jeanne Turnell, in memory of John C. Hamell
Marisa Veiga de Medeiros
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Vogel
June Wang
Joan and Sanford I. Weill
Marshall M. Weinberg
David Weller
Neil P. Westreich
In memory of Rowenna Wight White
Jeffrey Deane Williams
Elaine and Irving Wolbrom
Peter G.Wolff
Debbie Madesker Wolleman
Jeanne Wygant
Judy Francis Zankel
Jonas Zweig
Anonymous (23)

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